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Examen Unit 6 ( 6º Primaria)

  1. Describe your family

My name is ________. I'm ___ years old. I live in San Pablo with my family. I like ___________ but I don't like ___________.
My dad is _________. He's ____ years old. He likes ____________ but he doesn't like __________________. My mum is ______________. She's _____ years old. She likes _____________ but she doesn't like _____________.

  1. Sentences with going to

I am going to read a book.
You are going to climb a mountain.
Peter is going to ride a horse.
We are going to go to the market.
They are going to play football.

  1. Vocabulary

Climb a mountain Go to the beach
Visit the islad Go to the cinema
Visit an oasis Playing volleyball
Go to the harbour Hire a boat
Go to the market Playing football
Go wind-surfing Go dancing

  1. What do you do every day?

In the morning I get up at eight o'clock and I go to school at nine o'clock.
In the afternoon I finish school at two o'clock and I have lunch at three o'clock.
In the evening I watch TV at five o'clock and I have a shower at half past seven.
At night I have dinner at quarter past nine and I go to bed at half past ten.

  1. Describe you best friend

My best friend is _________________. He/ She is _________ years old. He/ She is _________________________. He/ She 's got ________________________________. He/ She wears ________________________________________.

  1. Translate into spanish

Hoy Enma no va a tocar la guitarra. Ella va a leer un libro y visitar un museo por la mañana. Por la tarde, ella va a escalar una montaña. Ella también va a alquilar una bicicleta y jugar al tenis por la tarde-noche.

  1. Sentences

Sarah is going to climb a mountain in the afternoon. She's also going to ride a camel.
Hassan is going to visit a museum in the morning. He's also going to play volleyball.
Tom and Lucy are going to play volleyball in the evening. They're also going to play football.

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