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English Exam (6th Primary)

Exercise 1: Use was or were

1. I _____ in New York in 1999.
2. She _____ a good student.
3. They _____ very happy yesterday.
4. I _____ born in 1989.
5. We _____ sad yesterday.
6. You _____ angry last night.
7. _____ you in Spain in 1900?

Exercise 2: Change to past simple this text

Mr.Smith gets up at 6:45 every morning and has a shower. Then he has breakfast. He always has tea and cornflakes for breakfast He leaves home at 7:55 and goes to work by bus. He always takes the 8:05 bus and gets to work at 8:30. He has lunch from 1:00 till 2:00 and leaves work at 6:00 in the evening. When he gets home, he reads the newspaper. Then he has dinner. He always has dinner at 7:15. After dinner he takes his dog for a walk.He always goes to bed at 10:30 exactly!

Exercise 3: Correct the verb

  1. Mary _________(go) to the cinema yesterday.
    Ex: Mary went to the cinema yesterday.
    2) Peter _______(watch) tv last night.
    3) Alice _________(have) a sandwich for lunch.
    4) The children ________(play) basketball all afternoon.
    5) Susan ___________(buy) a new jacket for Jim.
    6) The girls__________(study) all the weekend.
    7) The dog _________(eat) all his food.
    8) I _________(sleep) wonderfully last night

Exercise 4: Translate into Spanish

Paul: What did you do yesterday? (¿Que hiciste ayer?)
Alice: I went to the cinema.
P: What film did you see?
A: I saw The king´s speech.
P: Did you like it?
A: Yes, I did. It was a very good film.
P: What time did the film start?
A: It started at 8:00 pm.And what did you do?
P: Oh, I stayed at home.

Exercise 5: Use -d; -ed; -ied.

I ______ (walk) to work last week.
He _________ (study) computers for five years.
They _______ (arrive) late for the party.
We _________ (marry) in a church.
It ________ (end) at 6 pm.
Ana ________ (wait) for an hour.
You ________ (like) the movie. I didn't.
Bob ________ (need) that book yesterday.
They _______ (use) my new pen.
The teacher _______ (help) the students after class.

Exercise 6: Coplete the underlined verbs

1. He always goes to work by car. Yesterday he ______ to work by bus.

2. They always get up early. This morning they ______ up late.

3. Bill often loses his key. He _______ one last Saturday.

4. I write a letter to Jane every week. Last week I _______ two letters.

5. She meets her friends every evening. She _______ them yesterday evening, too.

6. I usually read two newspapers every day. I _______ only a newspaper yesterday.

7. They come to my house every Friday. Last Friday they ______, too.

8. We usually go to the cinema on Sunday. We ________to the cinema last Sunday, too.

9. Tom always has a shower in the morning. Tom _______ a shower this morning, too.

10. They buy a new car every year. Last year they _______ a new car, too.

11. I eat an orange every day. Yesterday I _______ two oranges.

12. We usually do our shopping on Monday. We _______ our shopping last Monday, too.

13. Ann often takes photos. Last weekend she ________ some photos.

14. We leave at 8.30 every morning. But yesterday we ________ at 8.00.

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