miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2012

6º Primaria (Conceptos Unidad 1 y 2)


Repaso: cycling, reading, climbing, surfing, kayaking, hiking, snorkelling, rollerblading, swimming, bike, book, Saturday, park, square, palace, tower, river, street, gallery, dictionary, alphabet, zebra.

Pasivo:  Magazine, favourite, great, beautiful, coming, take, suitcase, take, great, beautiful, higher, wetter, towel.

Repaso: You can go (cycling), What do you want to do today?, I want to (go cycling),  Do you want to (go cycling)?, What does he want to do?, He wants to (go hiking), She’s faster than me, I’m (reading),  Mum is (riding),

Pasivas: What are you doing?, How many (children are there)?, Where are they?,  Let’s (go cycling), (Jenny)’s good at (rollerblading),
At the moment, That was fun, Mum’s home, this morning, at the shops, after lunch, Come on! Hurry up!, Wait for me!, stay at home, stay in, Trafalgar, Buckingham, Big Ben, The Thames, Oxford, The National Gallery.

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